TYPING MODULE

This is the First Module of the DCA course. This is the best module in this computer course. This Module needs Computer Operator and Data Entry Operator. If your typing speed is better then you can work smoothly and Clearly. We provide the best level of computer typing speed step by step in this module 

Our Institute Provides 30 WPM in English Speed and 25 WPM in Hindi Speed. Typing is the best format for early work at the workplace and knowing about it. Typing is the base of computer learning and getting job proses. Every student needs this course to do with responsibility.



         WORLD NO.1                       APPLICATION

This is the best application software and this application software is being taught in the DCA course. After Completing you can work as a computer text working. Nowadays this is used all over the world and in every office like Private and Government offices.

You can make and work on Bio-data, Resume, Application, Letter Drafting, Joining Letters, Pages Setup, Page Margins and Different types of Documents, Every person needs to learn this application software. this is MS-office family Application software.  

This software makes it easy to work as a computer operator and Manage files and Documents. There are Smart features to work as a computer operator such as Make a Macros, Make Envelope, and Make Mail Merge for Every Document. Simple can you make a logo for any business and for Institute?  


Best Application sftware
Best Graphic Application

      Microsoft Excel

MS-Excel is the most popular Application software after Ms- Word and this Application software are needed by Data Entry Operator and they work smartly with this Application software. From Microsoft Excel, you can work in sheets and manage databases in an Excel workbook. You can make Mark sheet data, Bill cash memo, bulk data, Data filtering, Data sorter, Salary slip, Purchase & Sales Entry for shopkeepers, EMI Calculator, Banking Loan Calculation, PMT, PPMT, IPMT, Vlookup and Hookup. Ms Excel is used for Data records and managing products purchase and sales management. MS Excel is Basic and Advance Excel. After basic students start Advance Excel.

   Microsoft PowerPoint

MS-PowerPoint is the most popular Application software after MS- Excel and this Application software are needed by Presentation Operator and they work smartly with this Application software.

From Microsoft PowerPoint, you can work in slides and manage Presentations in PowerPoint. You can make Presentations in Different sizes Like Banner sizes, Social Media Sizes. You can make Animation Videos in MP4 and Insert Audio Sounds in this Application software. Nowadays many people are using this presentation software. Graphic Designers can use this software as a Graphic and work for making presentation Graphic. Thirty Million people are using Ms-powerpoint for making presentations and Graphic work.

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We are committed to Provide Quality base Education, So That You Can Prove Yourselves in Computer education. We Nurture Students Technically As well As Professionally Which Helps Them to Enhance Their Career Graph.

We Focus On Providing A Healthy Competitive Environment with All the Facilities Related to Computer Education & Professional Training. We Commit to Building up You into a Confidence  Individual to face the World Confidently.Our staff pay individual focus on students and support to students in lab faculty which is very important for teaching students. they help and support related courses. Success gets provides the best faculty in the current time at Institute. Our Staff teachers are most experience in computer education.

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