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This lesson is very important for students who are doing the CCC course. This module has all the information about computers such as what is computers, the Terminology of computers, Input Devices, Output Devices, Impact printers, Non-Impact Printers, Storage, and Godets These are very important to know in the CCC course. Introduction of computer is a fundamental module for computer and it is basically about the computer. here is a new syllabus included by NIELIT such as Mobile Devices and IT Gadgets, Operating apps for Mobile Devices such as Android, Blackberry, Symbian, and iOS, so, this is the first module that is better for beginner students. After Completing this Module Students will be available to do work and understand computers. Most valuable module for every student.


It is the second module for the CCC course. This Module has All operating systems and get knowledge about it. After learning this module students eligible to operate computers from basic to advance levels. all operating systems have to Include in the CCC syllabus. This is the best level module where students recognized all operating systems. Included in this course are  Windows Operating Systems. Linux Operating Systems., Unix Operating Systems, Dos Operating Systems, Android Operating Systems and IOS Operating Systems etc. How to operate a computer you can do with this module and work about in your computer. Every Operating software is very important according to CCC Exams. Some Questions are asked in this second module.


Internet banking is the best lesson in this module. there are all types of Internet-related chapters like what is a computer network, all networks such as LAN, MAN, WAN and Topology such as Bus, Ring, Star, Mesh, and Tree Topologies. After Learning this Internet course you will handle to the internet on your mobile and desktop devices. you can learn E-mail with a Practical assignment. In the Banking chapter, you can handle all types bank related apps and their functions such as Bhim apps, Google pay, Phone pe, Oxygen wallet, Paytm Apps, and ICICI pockets apps. In Additional Information, you can operate with practical assignments and their functions. this best new technologies-based syllabus includes in this CCC course. 



Libre Office is the best Application software for CCC Exams. At the current time, a lot of Questions Ask in these Lessons. This is Free Application software you can Download From the Internet Free of cost. There is there main Application Software included in CCC Exams are Libre Office Writer, liber Office Calc, and Libre Office Impress. These are very important According to CCC Exams. Libre Office Writer Like as Microsoft word, Libre Office Calc Like as Microsoft Excel, Libre Office impress Like as Microsoft PowerPoint and there are formulas and Database Application Software. From Libre Office Writer can work as Microsoft word and make Bio-Data, Resume, Application, Letter Typing, Macros, Mail Merge and some others works related to office Work. From Libre Office Calc you can work like Microsoft Excel such as Bill Cash Memo. Marksheet Creation, Banking Loan Creation work, Bulks Data, Data Filteration, Macros, Vlookup and Hlookup, etc. From Libre Office Impress you can make presentations like Microsoft PowerPoint and Animations, Transitions, Video Animation, Can you set up Audio sound in the slide of libre office Impress. After Learning this lesson you can do many questions related to Libre Office.


Microsoft Office is included in this module. This is the best Module for CCC and for Practical Assignment. There is there Application software for making a career in starting and handling all types of Businesses. Microsoft Word is most used in Every Private and Government Office. Microsoft Excel is used for making Data Entry and managing all types of Data in Microsoft Excel. Microsoft PowerPoint is used for making presentations as Slides. You can do work after learning MS Office as a Computer Operator, Data Entry Operator, or Data Management Operator. Nowadays is very useful and Good working Application Software at the current time. Microsoft Office has used No.1 Application Software all over the world. Every Computer needs this MS Office Program for work. Resume Can Make From MS Word, MIS Report can make From Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint is used for making Better presentations in this Application Software. Ms Office is very Easy to Operate for Everyone. After Completing Office Automation can you start work In Company or enterprise? It is used in schools Colleges and other Places. In Every Computer Course, Ms Office is taught and Explain about it.


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